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About Sun Stone


We’re Matt and Maddi, professional wedding photographers with a twist.

Let’s cut to the chase. Your wedding day is an exciting time, but you also have a lot of other things on your mind. Choosing a wedding photographer can be stressful. And expensive. We want to help make your wedding less stressful, and less expensive by working with us.

Here’s how we do it.

We are both married, and have been through this process before. We didn’t photograph each other’s weddings (though that would have been a great idea), so we understand how overwhelming the process of choosing a wedding photographer can be.

We make our pricing straightforward, and throw in extra bonuses you’ll pay thousands for with other wedding photographers.

We don’t hold your high resolution images ransom. We provide high resolution, high pixel density photos that give you flexibility with what you’ll do with them. They’re your memories, we’re just capturing them.

We are here for you. Stressed about something or need some recommendations for other service providers? We’re here for you and always just an email away. You speak with us, not an agent or photography broker. Yes, they exist.

You can probably tell by now, we are straight shooters and transparent with what we do. We want to help bride and grooms focus on celebrating their love rather than worrying if they’ve made the right decision during the planning phase.

After all, your day is about your love. Let us capture the moment in a beautiful, natural, fun way that will produce results you can cherish for years to come.

Matt and Maddi

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